So 15 days off my meds (that were making weight loss impossible) and 15 days very strict keto and I am down 15 lbs!! How amazing is that?! I am super excited and I’m finally in a groove where things are easy and I don’t feel so miserable, haha.

My parents recently visited and we went to DC to see the Monument (my faveeeee!) and I took them to the Smithsonian of Natural History to see the live butterfly exhibit! It was so fun!

I don’t have much else I really want to talk about today…


I am terrible at updating, but what’s new?

So! I am down 11lbs 6 oz in about two weeks. I feel that’s pretty slow for how strict keto I am but I’m also not upset about it either…because I haven’t been exercising (busy + lazy) and I started a new med that can cause weight gain (but hasn’t! Thankfully!)

Have a few busy days coming up including my parents visiting and a trip to my aunts so I stocked up on portable low carb stuff to stay on track.

Desiring sweets less & less. In fact I bought 2 halo top ice creams last night and haven’t touched them… unheard of for me!


Day 2 of 155 day challenge! Going well so far! I have killer headaches and my energy is low but I always go through this when I quit sugar. I need to get through this. I want this to be my last withdraw from sugar.  People say not to compare sugar to drugs but it is my drug and I will treat it as such.

I had a lot going on today so breakfast was an Atkins Day Break Shake. I needed something quick before I headed to my photo shoot… I sound so glamorous, I know!

On my way back I stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up cauliflower rice. I made a greek inspired dish with cauli rice, olives, feta & shrimp. It was delicious and only 5 net carbs.

Dinner is going to be keto chicken wings. Yum!


155 day challenge;

I recently had a visit with my new doctor and she seems pretty HAES (health at every size) oriented which I appreciate. She was very honest with me. Told me that she’s not one of those doctors that believes weight loss is a cure all (“though weight loss doesn’t hurt things”) but she was concerned due to the fact that I have multiple heart problems and she’s worried about how my valve and breathing sounds. So she asked me to try and lose some weight. Didn’t give me an amount, just asked if I would try. So I am buckling down and really giving this a go so….
155 day challenge!

So I have a pretty major event/trip in the works. I have decided during the time between now and then I will try and be keto (I kept slipping up), move more and really give it a go. In 5 months I am curious to see how much I lose, and how I feel!

Day 1 is about half way through and so far so good. Nothing but water and low carb coffee milk (my own recipe!) for drinks and I had a delicious tuna and egg salad for lunch.

Dinner will be either a bun less burger or chicken breast. Haven’t decided yet! Maybe salmon!

I am going to try and blog daily during this because I really wanna document it. I will get some before pictures later when I have a chance.


Hi! I’ve been missing for a while! Sorry about that. Life and all that. Seriously. SO. MUCH. LIFE. Sinus infection, iep meetings, long weekend getaway, etc, etc.

So now I am back on track and getting ready to do a great big purge again. I am constantly purging my house it seems like. But we have so much crap!! SO MUCH CRAP!!!

I will not lie. I obsess over things. It’s bad, so when I have an obsession…let’s use Buffy the Vampire Slayer for an example…I have to go and buy all the things on ebay. Then the obsession passes and I’m stuck with this shit just sitting around… like replica necklaces I will never wear and comic books I never read. Ugh.

SO! I am working on that and I’m purging. I’ve made a few bucks on ebay but in general most of it’s just being tossed. Seriously.

And then to add to it my kiddo is a hoarder. Her autism makes it incredibly hard to part with things and so now I’m having to purge almost 6 years worth of toys without her knowing and it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m over it. But it’s gotta be done.

Yayoi Kusama;

So if you live anywhere in the DC area you have heard about Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror exhibit at the Hirshhorn. IT IS AMAZING. Tickets are very hard to get (73,000+ people trying to get 9,000 tickets every week)… I was completely shocked when my bestie was able to score me one. So this past Tuesday I braved the terrible weather (BLIZZARD!!!) and spent the day in DC.

It was so lovely! I have sever anxiety and I’m really proud of myself for not only  walking to the metro in a blizzard, but going out and accomplishing the trip to the Hirshhorn. I also  had a lovely lunch at the American Indian museum and made it to the Natural History museum as well! Met up with bestie for dinner at Jose Andres’ Jaleo. It was a great day!

Some pics from Infinity Mirrors below.