155 day challenge;

I recently had a visit with my new doctor and she seems pretty HAES (health at every size) oriented which I appreciate. She was very honest with me. Told me that she’s not one of those doctors that believes weight loss is a cure all (“though weight loss doesn’t hurt things”) but she was concerned due to the fact that I have multiple heart problems and she’s worried about how my valve and breathing sounds. So she asked me to try and lose some weight. Didn’t give me an amount, just asked if I would try. So I am buckling down and really giving this a go so….
155 day challenge!

So I have a pretty major event/trip in the works. I have decided during the time between now and then I will try and be keto (I kept slipping up), move more and really give it a go. In 5 months I am curious to see how much I lose, and how I feel!

Day 1 is about half way through and so far so good. Nothing but water and low carb coffee milk (my own recipe!) for drinks and I had a delicious tuna and egg salad for lunch.

Dinner will be either a bun less burger or chicken breast. Haven’t decided yet! Maybe salmon!

I am going to try and blog daily during this because I really wanna document it. I will get some before pictures later when I have a chance.


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