Hi! I’ve been missing for a while! Sorry about that. Life and all that. Seriously. SO. MUCH. LIFE. Sinus infection, iep meetings, long weekend getaway, etc, etc.

So now I am back on track and getting ready to do a great big purge again. I am constantly purging my house it seems like. But we have so much crap!! SO MUCH CRAP!!!

I will not lie. I obsess over things. It’s bad, so when I have an obsession…let’s use Buffy the Vampire Slayer for an example…I have to go and buy all the things on ebay. Then the obsession passes and I’m stuck with this shit just sitting around… like replica necklaces I will never wear and comic books I never read. Ugh.

SO! I am working on that and I’m purging. I’ve made a few bucks on ebay but in general most of it’s just being tossed. Seriously.

And then to add to it my kiddo is a hoarder. Her autism makes it incredibly hard to part with things and so now I’m having to purge almost 6 years worth of toys without her knowing and it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m over it. But it’s gotta be done.


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