Reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight;

Having a particularly hard day with cravings. I keep staring at my roommates coca cola stash and I just want to snatch one and drink it all up.

Let’s not even talk about how I made keto cream cheese pancakes and inhaled the entire plate in probably 3 minutes or less.. Yeah, I know they are fine but I’m still hungry! It’s not fair. So I’m sipping on water and hoping this feeling passes because I don’t like being on the verge of tears because I can’t have a soda.

So to distract myself from my ridiculous sugar cravings I am going to make a list of reasons why I want to lose weight…some will be ridiculous, oh well! In no particular order… Reasons I want to Lose weight:

  • My overall health.
  • My heart (I have a slew of cardiac problems.)
  • To look better in clothes.
  • To be able to walk up the stairs and not be huffing and puffing.
  • So that if I ever meet Harry Styles I look fantastic in the selfie we take.
  • So I have less back pain!
  • To make day trips into DC much easier on me.
  • To not be so self conscious of the space I take up.
  • Better skin.
  • Being able to buy cute 90’s clothes for myself when I find them in thrift shops.
  • My mental well being.
  • Confidence.
  • To be able to play with my daughter much more than I do now.
  • To be able to run after Drew if she elopes/bolts.
  • To get through crowds easier.
  • To fit in a plane seat much better!
  • To be around as long as possible for my daughter.
  • So I won’t be tired all the time, achy all the time!
  • So I can just grab clothes off a rack and not have to think about how they won’t even fit.
  • To be able to hike.
  • To feel more comfortable engaging in outdoor activities.
  • So I’m not always envious of other women’s bodies.
  • More energy.

    I will add to this later if I think of anything else.


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