March Goals;

So I decided to finally get my shit together this month and I have some goals…

No soda; That’s right. No soda. None. No regular. No diet. NONE. This will be a hard one for me. This will be a major step into beating my sugar and carb addiction.

Keto, Keto, Keto!; Strict keto. I mean strict! I need to get things back on track and I plan to update about that here. Only exception to this rule is March 1st as I have some mildly carby leftovers I need to consume.

No wasting!; This is a big problem in our house. We simply avoid our leftovers like the plague. I need to combat this problem by either making smaller meals or actually eating the damn leftovers. I guess I could also apply this to other things like water usage. I am guilty of running my dishwasher when it’s not entirely full. Gonna work on that too.

Water!; I have all my bottles filled and in the fridge. I need to stay on top of my water intake.

Move more; Self explanatory. I really need to move more. My back hurts a lot but less on the days I am out and about and walking and stretching and being mindful of my posture. I want to get some serious miles in this month. (Note to self; charge fitbit & misfit.)

Read more; My pile of books to read is out of control. I have some great books to read so I need to get on that. I’ll post them here.

Work on bedroom; My master bedroom is a work in progress and I want to get closer to having it be finished. It’s my sanctuary and I need to get it done.


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