Little things;

Today started off absolutely terrible, no good. We (like many others) are waiting on our tax refund and noticed it had been longer than the average so we decided to give the IRS a call. That was a nightmare but eventually we found out the issue and spent the entire morning getting that taken care of.

Then we decided to run our errands so we head to Aldi and I realize I not only forgot a quarter for the shopping cart (we only carry our debit cards) but I forgot our bags too! I literally looked at Hubs and said “We will just carry everything in our arms!”… it would of never worked. Luckily a sweet elderly woman offered me her cart and seriously… it made my day.

On the way home we stopped at the library to pick up new books for Kiddo and I found two books in the book sale so not too bad!

franksThe best part of my day was the mail. I received a sushi print Blythe dress and my sweet new girl, Frankie! Frankie was acquired through a trade on DollyAdoption (Facebook). I sent her previous owner 6 dresses and some shoes and in exchange I got this sweet new girl! How wonderful! I am having a hard time deciding on a middle name for her but I am thinking Frankie Ray.Which…I tend to like boy names for my girls. Or out-of-the-ordinary type of names. (I have an Enid James, Poet Everlong, & Agatha Moon.)

So that’s about it for today.



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